WFA USA Eascoast Tour 2016

Talent Development main topic of America Tour July/August

From July 11 until August 31 the WFA organizes a new course in 14 cities of the Eastcoast. Main topic will be ‘International standard of talent development’.

World renowned coach Raymond Verheijen explains the  ‘The Principles of Football Periodisation’, ‘Short and long term consequences of changing the cut off date in youth football (a scientific study) and ends the course with a case study on one of the most successful academies in the world: the ‘Feyenoord Academy’ in the Netherlands.

Monday 11 July: San Antonio
Tuesday 12 July: New Orleans
Wednesday 13 July: Atlanta
Thursday 14 July: Clarksville
Friday 15 July: Boston
Tuesday 23 Aug: Montreal
Wednesday 24 Aug: Milwaukee
Thursday 25 Aug: Detroit
Friday 26 Aug: Delaware
Saturday 27 Aug: Kalamazoo
Sunday 28 Aug: Pittsburgh
Monday 29 Aug: North Carolina
Tuesday 30 Aug: Cincinnati
Wednesday 31 Aug: Ottawa

For more information about each course, please visit our calendar here.